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How to Buy Something

You have two options

  • Buy Now: This allows you to buy the item outright for the posted price. If you have not already added your bank and card information to your profile then you will be prompted to do so. If your profile already has payment options, then you can choose which one you want to use. Once you confirm the purchase, the transaction is processed and funds are automatically transferred to the seller.
  • Make an Offer: Rather than buying an item outright, a seller may allow buyers to specify what amount they want to purchase the item for. If the seller accepts your offer, then you are prompted to release funds¬†in order to complete the transaction. Please note that other buyers are still able to make offers on the same post until you release funds. If you do not release funds on an accepted offer within seven days, then the offer expires and no funds are taken from your account. You are able to make new offers once the initial offer expires.¬†

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